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About our school

Melrose Park Public School is professional, modern and diverse with an emphasis on caring for the total school community. We are committed to the provision of opportunities for all students that promote and encourage responsibility, respect and independence. Academic emphasis is placed on equipping students with high level literacy and numeracy skills through strategic and purposeful programs and the integration of such skills across a broad and balanced curriculum. Our families feel that the size of the school creates a unique and caring learning environment where each student is treated as an individual.

School history

The original inhabitants of the area were Aboriginal members of the Wallumedegal tribe. 

Melrose Park Public School was founded in 1945.

The school opened as Walumetta Infants School on 28th January 1945, with Miss Jean Chaffers–Welsh as its first teacher. There were 47 students enrolled for the first term. The school consisted of a small timber building divided into two classrooms.

In 1792 land grants were given to two marines, Isaac Archer and John Colethread. Samuel Marsden acquired the land in 1798. Later, the area was called Ermington, after "Ermington Park House" which was built by Major Edmund Lockyer in what is now Crowley Crescent. In 1926 the whole area was sold to the City Mutual Life Assurance Society Ltd for £35,000. It was subdivided in 1929 and is now occupied by the Ryde–Parramatta Golf Course and Melrose Park.

Past Head Teachers 

Jean Chaffers-Welsh –  appointed January 1945

Flora Roughley – appointed June 1946

Bessie Hutton – appointed January 1950

By 1952 the school had grown to an enrolment of 227. It was given primary status and renamed Melrose Park Public School. A new building, containing four classrooms, was opened on 29th November 1952 by the Hon R J Heffron MLA, deputy premier and minister for education.

Past Principals

Raymond Larson – appointed January 1952

Lindsay Hamilton – appointed February 1954

K Partridge – appointed February 1955

Randolph Brennah – appointed January 1962

Peter Finlayson – appointed January 1968

John Quigley – appointed February 1971

Hd Kearns – appointed January 1974

Eric Mathew – appointed February 1977

John Paul – appointed January 1983

Colin Hodder – appointed May 1983

John Vernon – appointed January 1985

E Helen Richards – appointed February 1988

Ian Chaseling – appointed February 1990

Denise Galbraith – appointed January 1998

Trudy Hopkins – appointed September 2001 

Craig Oliver – appointed September 2004 

Milly Stone – appointed January 2009 

Clare Kristensen – appointed March 2011 

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