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Code of Conduct for Parents/Visitors

Code of Conduct for Parents / Visitors

This code of conduct for parents and visitors ensures that everyone who visits the school site is able to do so in a safe and harmonious manner and to ensure that students, staff, parents and other visitors are not subjected to aggressive, hostile or violent behaviours.

Parents and visitors are expected to:

• Treat all persons associated with the school with respect and courtesy

• Make appointments in advance of expecting to obtain an interview

• Only interact with students for authorised reasons and allow staff to supervise, investigate and manage students without interference

• Discuss issues or concerns about the school, staff or students through the correct procedures

• Follow school procedures governing entry and behaviour on school grounds, including any restrictions that may be imposed.

Any person contravening this Code of Conduct is advised that the provisions of the Enclosed Lands Protection Act (1901) and its Amendments will be followed if any of the following occur:

• Actual physical assaults or threatened physical assaults on students, staff, parents or community members at the school or during the course of school activities;

• Behaviour in the presence of students, staff, parents or other visitors to the school that causes alarm or concern to the students, staff, parents or other visitors;

• Use of offensive language (ie swearing) in the presence of students, staff or other visitors to the school;

• Any interruption to the learning environment of the school such as entering classrooms without permission.

Our school uses the department's School Community Charter to ensure all of our communication is collaborative and respectful.